Day 3 @ Bali,Indonesia

I requested the hotel to serve our breakfast at 8am in the room so that we won't be starving during our trip. I planned to wake up early for the sunrise and I set my alarm at 6am but when my alarm started ringing it was already bright (Beautiful Blue Color Sky) so I slept again and woke up at 7am to get ready. I was prepared by 7.30am so I patiently waited outside the Balcony for the breakfast. Exactly at 8pm, our breakfast was served in the room. I ordered Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) for my Boyfriend and Banana Pancake for me. The food tasted delicious and I loved enjoying my breakfast overlooking the Paddy Field. It’s time to start explore now. He briefed us about the iternary of the day “Traditional Show- Tirta Empul-Tea Plantation -Kintamani Valcano- Tegallalang Rice Terraces- Naughty Nuri”
 It was IDR 100,000/RM30.56 per person for the show and the show last about 1hour and 15 minutes. The show is about a story of "Barong & Kris Dance- Sahadewa"( Eternal Fight between good and evil) It was quite fun and entertaining for us but it would be good if the entire show is spoken in English Language rather than Balinese Language for a better understanding. Don't worry guys! Everyone will be given a piece of paper with a story that is written in English so you can refer to it if you are lost like us. Once the show is done, you can take photo with the dancers and a cute short man for free so we took couple of photos with them like most of the tourists. Good if you are interested in their culture and have some spare time.
After our show, we went Tirta Empul temple. I was amazed by the clean & clear holy water. Even with so many people are taking bath in the water and yet it still remains clean and transparent. 
Dress: Uniqlo
Shoes: Bata    
They also have "HOLY POND" that was clean and greenish in colour with fungus and black colour sand rotating at the same place. I was amazed on how the sand can continuously rotate without any force. Beautiful!!
Here are the photo and video for you guys to see!!

It is just a place to take photos for me but if you are looking for a spiritual experience. This is the place. Most of the area is closed for Worship purpose and you are not allowed to enter. Something different from the temples in Thailand where you can just enter anywhere in Thailand temple. You will checked for the ticket at the entrance and it is IDR 15,000/RM 4.58 per person and if you wear something shorter than your knee, you have to wear Sarong befor entering the temple and return it back to them before leaving the temple. Girls are not allowed to enter the temple during their periods and must tie their hair if it is long. Don't worry they do provide rubberband to tie your hair at the entrance befor entering the temple.
We went to Tea & Coffee plantation before heading to Kintamani Valcano as it is located on the way to Kintamani. Our Driver stopped us at "Abian Kusuma Sari, Agrowisata".  I have no idea which place is good to explore Tea Plantation (Never do proper research) so we just follow our driver recommendation but I must thank him for that. The place was clean and well organized. The Handsome guy who guide us the entire visit was so good in explaining about the coffee and Tea and he is very friendly with good spoken English. It was my first time I saw Ginger Plant in my life and it smells great "Strong ginger smells". 
Then he shows us the star of our visit or it can be said the Hero of the Trip “LUWAK" it looks so cute and healthy but it was not active. Just sleeping in the corner of the cage. According to Mr. Handsome, the LUWAK was kept inside cage to show the tourists. Then he showed us the process of making the coffee beans "From Poop to the beautiful roasted coffee beans"
They have to roast the beans for 45 minutes while keep stirring it and he was so kind to let me try but after 5 minutes my hands are started to pain so I pass it back to the staff.
He served us with varieties of Tea & Coffee to try for free but we have to pay IDR 50,000/RM 15.28 for the LUWAK coffee as it is the main reason for our visit. The LUWAK coffee was too strong for me. It was fun enjoying varieties of Coffee & Tea in a cold and breezy environment. When I tasted Mangosteen Tea, I made up my mind to buy that at the end of the trip as it was so good. It cost me IDR 80,000/RM 25.98 for a packet. Thanks to Mr. Handsome for the wonderful and humble hospitality. He is very good in giving photography tips as well. Do ask him about the perfect place to take photo in Bali. Hahahaha!!! 
After our shopping and relaxing at Coffee Plantation, we went Kintamani Volcano. I was amazed by the view of the mountain while we were driving up the hill. You have 2 choices to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain. You can have lunch at any one of the Resturant or Warung that offers an amazing view of the mountain or stand on the sideway of the road and take photos. Since we never had our lunch, we choose option 1. Our driver drops us at Rumah Makan Tepi Danau for lunch buffet. We were charged IDR 125,000/RM 38.20 per person + additional charges. I tried to negotiate the price with her as most the reviews say that we can negotiate the price with them but she told me the price is fixed or maybe I am not good at negotiating. Once enter, we were seated on the sideway that is directly overlooking the magnificent Mount Batur. The foods are okay for me but no complaints as the main reason of our visit is the mountain. The view was clear and beautiful when we arrived around 1.30pm and started to cover by the mist around 3pm so do drop by early for the view. According to our driver, it only opens during the afternoon as the view of the mountain will be good only at this particular time. Please double check the weather report before planning your trip. Because if it is cloudy or raining you won't get see the clear view of the mountain and it is a waste of money to visit at this time. 
After Kintamani Volcano, we went Tegallalang Rice Terrace. The road leading to the place was risky and dangerous. I think the road is just enough for the Motorcycle to travel at a time but with the tourist buses and giant cars it is too dangerous at the turning point. So be really really carefull guys!! If you ask me I would rather rent a motor next time instead of the car as I love my life and I guess all of us love ourselves right. It is IDR 10,000/RM 3.06 per person +IDR 5,000/RM 1.53 for the car to enter that area. It was good as the Paddy season must be just started but in my opinion the Paddy Field on the way to Tegallalang Rice Terrace was so much better than this and if you are driving a car you cannot stop to enjoy it as you will be blocking the way. So it is better to rent a Motorcycle for this place as you can stop anywhere you like or wish to enjoy the view. But Tegallalang Rice Terrace is just for the nice arrangement of the Terrace nothing more than that. Every time you passby the a Booth you have to pay IDR 10,000 /RM 3.06 for two person as a token of donation for the bridge (It is compulsory) and we paid IDR 20,000/RM 6.11 for two person to take photo with the paddy basket. It was a fun experience for us. Just double check the current situation before planning a visit to avoid any disappointment.
We had our dinner at Naughty Nuri, Ubud before going back to the hotel. It was a good dinner with beer. Good night and Stay tune for my post Day 4&5, Bali.