Day 4&5 @ Bali,Indonesia

I wanted to have Breakfast at Warung Ibu Okra so I asked our driver to pick us up at 10am in the hotel. Then we get to know that they only open at 11am during on low season so I asked our driver to bring us anywhere for good Breakfast and he brought us to Bebek Joni for breakfast. The food was nice especially their Crispy Duck but the service was lousy. 
After Breakfast we went to Taman Ayun. I was afraid our plan today will be a cancelled as it was raining from the previous night until the next morning and it was even drizzling on our way to temple but thank god the rain stops after some time and the Sun started to be shine. It took us about 45 minutes to reach Taman Ayun from Bebek Joni. You are not allowed to enter inside the place as it is a place to worship the Royal Ancestors and to invoke prosperity for the people of Megwi. So we just walk around to take some photos and video. In my opinion, it is just a place to take photos without much crowd. It cost IDR 15,000/RM 4.58 per person (Entrance fee).
Tops: H&M
Bottom: H&M
Sandals: Playboy
 After Taman Ayun, we went Tanah Lot temple. You have to buy tickets at the entrance and then park your car at the car parking space. It cost us IDR 30,000/RM 9.17per person (Entrance Fee) + IDR 5,000/RM 1.53 parking. Our driver parked the car at Block D near the entrance of the temple. After the guy checked our tickets at the entrance, we entered the temple. On the way to the temple you will see a lot of Warung, Souvenir Shop that sells foods and snacks. So guys, you no need to worry about exiting the temple for foods and snacks. It was a beautiful and perfect place to explore and take photos. Be careful while walking at the edge as the corner are too dangerous and if you drop down in the ocean there is 0% of survival in my observation as the tides are too big to pull you back into the ocean and the bottom was all rocky. So really really be careful.
 But if you are going in the evening, the water level will go down and all the rocks will be showing up. Here is the photo to explain the difference between Afternoon and Morning view. 
 It you go early or mid afternoon, the tides are too big for you to cross over to the temple and if it is manageable there will be people in charge to guide to the opposed side. In temple, you can drink their holy water and get blessings from the god and make sure to make donations. I even tried it myself and the holy water tasted like a mineral water to me and I was amazed by that. 

My boyfriend decided to have lunch at a Chinese Warung that sells Babi Kicap and I decide to have something light at Gloria Jean's Coffee, Tanah Lot.

After Tanah Lot, our driver sent us back to the hotel. It took about 1 Hour and 30 minutes to reach the hotel. After freshen up, we went Ubud Town to buy souvenir and Kebun Bistro for dinner. It was the yummyliocus dinner for us. Everything was great from the food to the service. Most of the shop closed at 9pm so go early if you wanted to buy souvenirs and shopping.
Day 5

After our breakfast at the hotel, it is time to say Bye Bye Bali. Please have some extra money to do shopping at Airport Duty Free shops as they were having some promotion during our time and the Alcohol drinks are cheaper compared to Malaysia. The entire price is stated in USD but you still can pay them in IDR. 
Delicious Keropok while waiting to board the flight. I never see this Keropok anywhere in Bali other than in Airpot but it tasted delicious so we bought few packets back to Malaysia as a souvenir.