Tegalsari Ubud Hotel Accommodation @ Gianyar, Bali

 One of the most recommended places to stay In Ubud and it will be fully booked most of time so you have to book minimum 4 months in advance if you are planning to stay here. I E-mail them 3 months in advance to make a reservation and even at that point of time, the Wooden Room was fully booked so I have no choice but to choose Standard Room. Thank God!! The room was available so I quickly reserved it. Once you confirmed your reservation you have to settle the full amount of the stay and you are given 2 choices to settle the payment. It’s either you give them your credit card details and let them do the process or TT (Telegraphic Transfer) transfer the money. I choose TT transfer as it seems too safe to me. Initially I booked their room for 3 night and due to last minutes changes I changed by booking to 4 nights. Since I already settle my payment for 3 nights, they asked to settle the balance during our stay. 
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As our flight is afternoon, I checked in hotel at 9pm at night. You can settle the balance payment while checking in or check out. I decided to pay before checking in and to my surprise there is no deposit for the room. All the hotel I stayed before minimum needs RM 50 as a deposit. After checked in, the staff brought our bag to the room and he explained us about the locker and cleaning of Bed Sheets & Towels and we were served with welcome drink. It was really refreshing after a tired journey. 
 Free kettle service to make Tea and Coffee. 
 This book reminds me of JUMANJI BOARD. It consists of all the information that a tourist probably need like Pin code for an international country, Food Menu, Kecek Dance Schedule and Flight Customer Service Numbers. 
The bed was comfortable and bed sheets are clean. It will be changed every day if you request it if not they just clean the room. 
Everything in the Mini Bar is chargeable and there will be a price list on the table.
 Our package is not inclusive of foods so we ordered our food 1 day in advance at the reception counter and ask them to serve it at the room. They are really on time. Exact at 8am our foods are served in the room. I was amazed by their punctuality. Thumbs up!! You just need to check the bill and sign it and you only need to pay for your food when check out. So convenient. They have Ala-Cate and set for breakfast. We choose Ala-Cate as we don't want to have something very full in the morning. 
While check out, the girl at the reception asked me whether I used any items from the Minibar and I said no and she told me we are clear to check out the room. Never even went to my room to check not like our trip to Thailand where you have to wait 10 minutes for the staff to check the room before you can get back your deposit. 
The foods are reasonably priced and delicious. I really loved their foods especially their Banana Pancake. That was heaven and if you wanted to have something clear just go for their Porridge, you won't regret. 

It is a good place to walk around while waiting for our driver. I loved my stay in their Hotel and I will definitely choose this hotel again if I visit Bali. Relaxed place and calm environment to stay. Just one drawback, it took minimum 1 hour to reach Kuta and other attraction but if go you are going for relaxation, this is a perfect place for you. 

Tegal Sari Accommodation
Jalan Hanoman,
Padang Tegal Ubud
Gianyar, Bali
80571 Indonesia
Tel: 62(0) 361- 973318