Win Soon Café @ SS2

Me and my boyfriend went SS2 to photostat some stuff in the morning as it is easier to get car parking in the morning compare to the afternoon. We decided to have lunch at Win Soon Cafe as our car is parked directly opposite to the cafe and it is crowded with people. So it just attracted me to try it out. Win Soon Cafe is located at SS2. It was crowded when we arrived so we find our own place to seat and waited few minutes to get our menu. After going through the menu, we ordered Fish Head Meehoon and Tom Yam Fish Paste. You have to write your own order on the order sheet and pass it to the staff. The ambiance of the cafe was like an old Kopitiam environment. 

Tom Yam Fish Paste was delicious. It has a nice Tom Yum flavour and a good spicy kick in the soup. My Boyfreind Loved it. When I try this I have already fix in my mind that I should bring my sister here to try this as I am pretty sure she gonna loved it. 
Tom Yam Fish Paste @ RM 11.90
Fish Head Meehoon was simply delicious. There is a generous amount of fish chunks in the noodle bowl. It was light and a comforting bowl of noodles. 
Fish Head Meehoon @ RM 11.90
It was a good lunch for us. Service was a bit slow as it was crowded with people for lunch and it is quite difficult to get their attentions. 1 Bowl of noodles is more than enough for me and I was full by the time I finished half of the bowl so I feel it was just wasted. Maybe I should order 1 bowl of noodle and order other side dishes to share when I go with my sister next round to avoid food wastage. 

Service Charge : 5% 
GST : 6%

Win Soon Cafe Hoong Hoong Rest 
No 23, Jalan SS2/67 
47300 PJ 
Tel: 03- 7873 1088