Hail's Soft Serve @ Damansara Uptown

Hails Soft Serve was on my must-eat food list for their Ice-Cream after my friend was talking "Hoo Haaa " about their cafe. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to have a Waffle with Ice- Cream and he asked me whether I have any preferred cafe in my mind? I was like Yeah!! Hails Soft Serve. So we went there for dessert. Hails Soft Serve is located at Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya (Same row with Mace Chemistry). They serve 4 different Ice- Cream flavors, Waffles, Cones and Beverages. Limited choices right but the good things is you don’t have to crack your head to come up with a decision. Hahahaha!! The ambiance of the cafe was lovely and I loved it. My favorite white + Blue colour with cotton candy lights. Gorgeous!! You have to order and pay at the counter and once your order is done, they will serve it to your table. I ordered the Softserve Waffle (Regular) and Hot Chocolate. 
 Hot Chocolate was delicious and not too bitter. My all time favorite and it would be great if there is Marshmallow on the top. Hahahaha!! 
Hot Chocolate @ RM 12 
Who can resist this Waffle with Strawberry Rose Ice-Cream? Freshly made waffle with Strawberry Rose Ice-Cream on the top with Chocolate sizzled at the side. The Ice-Cream was creamy and add additional texture to the Waffle. Drawback was the waffle is too thick for me and it would be good if it is thinner. 
Waffle + Ice-Cream is a good combination. Softserve Waffle (Regular) @ RM 15.50

It was a good desert for us. Thank you Baby for the treat. I Love You :D :D Friendly service and gorgeous environment that makes you forgot all your problems and live in your own fantasy. They really have a good taste in Interior Design and great place to attract people especially for their ambiance. 

Service Charge: Nil 
GST: 6%

Hails Softserve 
28, Jalan SS21/58 
Damansara Utama 
47400 Petaling Jaya