Mango Chili Thai Cafe @ Nexus, Bangsar South, KL

I was checking my E-Mail in the afternoon and I was super excited when I received an Email from Off-peak (50% for Mango Chilli Thai Restaurant). I Google for some review about this Restaurant and it was quite good therefore I booked for 7pm. Mango Chili Thai is located at Bangsar South Nexus. It was our first time to this shopping mall so we have to Waze for the location and I was very excited to find this New Shopping Mall with plenty of new food choices. Mango Chili Thai Restaurant is located at Ground Floor, Bangsar South Nexus. The ambiance of the restaurant was lovely with heart shaped balloon hanging on the wall (Valentine day decoration). A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 6.30pm but it started filling up later on. We ordered Tom Yum Seafood, Stir Fried Chicken (Hot Basil Leaves), Free Flow Lemongrass with Pandan, Red Ruby with Ice Cream and Deep Fried Fish (Trio Sauce).
Free Flow Lemongrass with Pandan @ RM 5.83
 Deep Fried Fish with Trio Sauce was good, just the fish was not so fresh and the sauce was served at the room temperature. Deep Fried Fish and Trio Sauce get along perfectly. Delicious sauce overpowers the unfreshness of the Deep Fried Fish. I loved their sauce. It was a recommended dish for the staff and if would like to say "Thank you for the lovely recommendation" 
Deep Fried Fish @ RM 42.29
 Spicy and juicy chicken are irresistibly delicious and goes well with the rice. 
Stir Fried Chicken (Hot Basil Leaves) @ RM 13.67
Tom Yum is an amazing combination of spicy and sour flavour. It is good to warm up our tummy before the meal. 
Tom Yum Seafood @ RM 18.97
 Red Ruby with Ice Cream was tasty and it is served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice- Cream. Perfect way to end a meal. 
Red Ruby with Ice Cream @ RM 6.89
It was a good dinner for us just the Deep Fried Fish needs some improvements in my opinion. Good service and Off Peak is only applicable to Big Portion meals and not for individual dishes like Fried Rice and Fried Noodles so do double check with them before ordering the foods. 

Service Charge: 10% 
GST: 6% 
Off Peak: 50% 

Mango Chili G-10, 
Ground Floor Nexus, 
7 Jalan Kerinchi 
59200 Kuala Lumpur