Vishalatchi Food Catering @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

I come across this restaurant crowded with people during lunch So I told my sister if we happen to be in Brickfields in future we should give it a try. Restaurant Visalatchis is located at Jalan Scott, Brickfields (Same row with Vishal Food & Catering's). They serve Banana Leaf Rice, Briyani for lunch with some other vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. A couple of people occupied the cafe when we arrived around 12pm but it started filling up later on. We ordered 2 Banana Leaf, Fried Fish, Chicken Varuval and Take Away Briyani.
Banana Leaf Rice was delicious. No complains about their curries and side dishes as everything was good. Only drawback was the vegetables was cooked with their skins and I don't like to eat vegetable with skin. While, for their spinach I think they should use Red Colour Chillies rather than Green Colour Chilies. But for the price of RM 6. No big complains.
I walked over to their counter to see what they have for the day.The aunty explained to me each of their dishes and I choose Chicken Varuval as it looks attractive to me. It was full of spices and tender but they have more bones than the meat. Disappointed!! 
Chicken Varuval @ RM 6
 Fried Fish was flavorful and tender. Once your Banana Leaf Rice is served, the staff will carry a tray full of fried items to your table to choose what you want to have and my sister chooses Fried Fish as it is her all time favorite in Banana Leaf Restaurant. 
Fried Fish @ RM 6
Complimentary Rasam and Mooru. 
 Chicken Briyani was yummy. It was served with a piece of chicken drumstick and chicken gravy since if you take away. But if you are dining in, then you will be served with other vegetable side dishes as well. Chicken Briyani @ RM 12
It was a good lunch for us. Friendly and fast service, despite the crowd. Easy to get a car parking on Friday around 12pm-1pm which is very good for us. Sure, drop by again to try their other Non- Vegetarian dishes as it looks yummy too. 

Service Charge: Nil 
GST: 6%

Restaurant Visalatchis 
No 18, Jalan Scott
 50470 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 03- 2276 1967