Raju Hill Strawberry Farm @ Cameron Highlands

WAZE is one of the most powerful apps that always help us to find attraction and locations during our road trips. Waze didn’t help us much this time,we couldn’t find some attraction like Big Red Strawberry Farm and Rose Valley. But don’t worry if you are wazing any restaurant, Waze guide you correctly to restaurants. Hahahaha!!!We couldn’t find Big Red Strawberry Farm so we decided to go Raju Hill Farm. It is also recommended by people but not as popular as Big Red Strawberry Farm but no harm trying right. We parked our car along the road and walk over to the farm. 
My first impression about the farm to be frank was a shock. They divide their farm into 2 categories. 1 for normal people to walk around which is just about 2-3 rows of unripe strawberry and the other is guarded with a gate where people freshly pick strawberry and buy it. You have to tell the staff at the basement that you wanted to buy strawberry and then he will inform the staff at the farm to open the gate for you to enter. There is a special condition,you have to buy minimum 1/2 KG @ RM 30 (Expensive Right).
So we just walk around the farm for a while and walk away. I thought if we buy things at the place it is produced/ harvested it tends to be cheaper but not here.