Restaurant Devi's Corner @ TTDI

Devi's Corner is one of the popular Banana Leaf restaurants in Bangsar. I was more than happy when I get to know that they opened a new branch at TTDI. Therefore, we planned to have Banana Leaf Rice there. Devi's Corner is located at TTDI (Next to Wood & Steel Cafe). They serve Mamak Style Economy Rice, Roti Canai, Beverages and other dishes except Banana Leaf Rice. Yeah!! They don't serve Banana leaf Rice in their TTDI branch and I was so disappointed with this. I went all the way to TTDI for Banana Leaf Rice but now I have no choice but to choose other dishes for lunch. We choose to eat Mamak Style Economy Rice. You have to walk over to their counter and choose the dishes you want. The staff will walk over to your table and see what you have taken and writes the bill for you. 

Complimentary Papadum
I choose Sotong Sambal & Cabbage. Sotong Sambal was so spicy that burns my tongue and stomach at the end of the meal but I still like it. I know it is not good for health, but once in a while, it should be okay right!!  Actually, I was pretty attracted to the reddish Colour of it and I too wanted to have something spicy for lunch. Non-spicy lovers please be aware of it. Just double check with the staff about their spiciness level before taking any reddish colour dish.

It was an okay lunch for me as I was hoping to eat Banana Leaf Rice with Crab Curry.  In my opinion, their Banana Leaf Rice is much more amazing. This meal was good too but I prefer their Banana Leaf Rice more. I probably should just stick to their Bangsar Branch in the future. The Total bill for my food was RM 7.

38, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun DR Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur