Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant @ Chow Yang, SS2

My sister was nagging me to bring her to try Seeri Thai Authentic restaurant after my friend told her that they serve delicious Pad Thai but she is not a big fan Pad Thai so she go for Basil Chicken. So I brought her there for dinner. Seeri Thai Authentic Restaurant is located same row with Kayu Nasi Kandar. They serve Thai Cuisine. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived around 8pm. The ambiance of the Restaurant was simple yet comfortable. She orders her favorite Basil chicken and Pandan Cooler. 
Pandan cooler on a hot summer day was so good and refreshing. 
 Basil Chicken was okay. It was cooked more to Chinese Style with a lot of vegetables and soy sauce rather than Thai style with more Basil Leaves and Minced Chicken. It still taste good but we were expecting Thai style Basil chicken with a rich Basil taste and good spicy kick in it. 
It was an okay dinner for us. Friends service but I wish they serve food more to Thai Style rather than Chinese Style as it is a Thai Restaurant and not a Chinese Restaurant. We went there hoping to fulfil our cravings for Thai Basil Chicken but what we get in return was a food to fill our hunger. Total bill was RM 15.50 for foods and drinks. 

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant 
No 26, Jalan SS2/10 
Petaling Jaya 


  1. Do they charge service tax & GST? Thanks.

  2. The Staff Verbally told me the amount I need to pay so I am not sure whether they have GST & Service Charge or not. Sorry, couldn't help you on this issue.



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