Brinchang Night Market @ Cameron Highlands

Brinchang Night Market is a popular Night Market in Cameron Highland.Please bear in mind don’t use the Brinchang Night Market road to go Tanah Rata Town around 5-7pm,the traffic jam can be more worse than in KL and you don't have any alternative way to avoid it. We went there around 5.30pm and there is no car parking available so we just parked along the road and walk over to the Night Market. My friend told me that we can get Strawberry cheaper here than from the farm. She was 100% true that we manage to get 12 Boxes of strawberry at RM 30. So Good!! Drink an unlimited cup of Strawberry Milkshakes. Hahahaha!! They sell peanuts, Sweet Corn, Strawberry, Fried Items, BBQ, Cotton Candy, T-Shirt and some other stuffs as well. 
We bought some peanuts that my sister throws it away because have worms in it.
Not a big fan of fried items other than Fried Chicken Wings and Fried Mushrooms.
Fresh Strawberry (Very Good Deal)
Cotton Candy @ RM 5
Very crowded so it is advisable to drop by early to avoid crowds and traffic jam. Good to walk around and buy some snacks to have at hotel.