Li @ Damansara Jaya

Li, a newly opened restaurant in Damansara Jaya.I notice their existence on the way to the Atria Shopping Gallery Car Park. So once I got back, I Google for the restaurant to know what they serve in their restaurant and I found out that their Ikan Billis Congee is a hot selling dish. So we decided to go there for lunch as everyone wanted to have something simple for lunch. We parked our car at Atria Shopping Gallery and walk over to the restaurant. There is a construction going on and it is not safe to park our car near the cafe. It only took about 2 minutes for us to walk over to the restaurant as we are familiar with the area. Only 1 table is occupied with people when we arrived as it is past lunch hour. The ambiance of the restaurant was good and they use the open kitchen concept. Yeah!! You can see them preparing the foods. Cool right. We ordered Ikan Billis Congee, Ikan Billis Congee + Pork and Set Pasta Slow Cooked Pork.

Lychee Drink was refreshing and good to have with the foods.
Pasta may look plain and dry but in reality it is totally opposite. It has good flavour and the white egg adds a creamy texture to it. Good but the portion was rather small for him. 
Set Pasta Slow Cooked Pork @ RM 16.90
If you wanted to have something clear and simple go for their Ikan Billis Congee while if you wanted to have something more flavorful congee, you can add pork  to your congee at RM 3. For me, Ikan Billis is more than enough as it adds a nice salty & crunchy taste to the congee. I loved their Ikan Billis Congee while my sister and boyfriend love the Ikan Billis+ Pork Congee. 
Ikan Billis Congee @ RM 9.90
Ikan Billis + Pork Congee @ RM 12.90
 My boyfriend ordered their set lunch that comes with Drink + Main Course + Dessert. Since they only have 1 dessert, the choice is fixed to lychee dessert but it was pretty unique too. It has the sweetness from the lychee while sour taste from the lime. Perfect!! Knock down the meringue into smaller pieces and enjoy it together with the lychee and lime. 
It was a good lunch for us. Perfect for someone who loves simple and clear foods without much seasoning. My personal favourite is their Ikan Billis Congee and Lychee Drink. I just loved it. Looking forward for more food choices in the future.

Service Charge:NIL

Li Restaurant
47, Jalan SS22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7733 7692