Restaurant Xiang Man Qing (Hunan Food) @ Fraser Business Park

I was so happy to know that there is a restaurant in Fraser Business Park that serves Hunan Cuisine. Something new for me to have other than Mamak and Hawker foods. So I was very excited as I never tried Hunan Cuisine before. After my meeting with my friend. I went to Restaurant Xiang Man Qiang for dinner. Restaurant Xiang Man Qiang is located at Fraser Business Park (Same row with Secret Recipe). They serve Hunan Cuisine. Hunan Cuisine is a type of Chinese food that is more towards Spicy, Oily and Salty taste. Something new for me compare to my regular Chinese  food. We were greeted upon entering. The ambiance of the restaurant was comfortable and cozy. 

Spicy Chicken Cube was delicious and it's amazing to eat with rice.
 Spicy Chicken Cube @ RM 35
The meat was full of flavour, fresh and it looks adorable. Too Spicy but I loved it. One of my favourite dishes in the restaurant. 
Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster @ RM 69
Steamed scallop was delicious. It is meaty and has a good kick of garlic taste in it.  
Steamed Scallops with Vermicelli @ RM 39
Garlic Fried Ribs was tasty and the meat breaks apart from the bone easily. 
Garlic Fried Ribs @ RM 49
The Stone pot frog was served in a spicy sauce (No comments as I don’t eat frogs). 
Stone Pot Frog @ RM 39
1) Pork + Cucumber was a lovely combination and taste was addictive for me. Dip it in the spicy sauce and enjoy. Loved it!! Pork on the Hanger @ RM 32
2)Golden corn was sweet and it is one of the dishes that I really enjoyed having. It balances the spicy taste from the foods. Must order item for me. Golden Corn @ RM 19
3) Fish soup was tasty and pickled vegetable (Cabbage) adds a lovely flavour to the soup. My sister loved it. Boiled Fish With Pickled Cabbage @ RM 49
Bored with a normal century egg, try it with chilli here. It just pack the punch of heat that you are looking for. 
Century Egg with Chilli @ RM19
Pumpkin Bread  tasted good and it’s the best dish to end the meal.
 Pumpkin Bread @ RM 19
It was a lovely dinner and most importantly I really enjoyed myself trying new cuisine. It has its own unique taste that is totally different from my normal Chinese food. Moreover, this restaurant also tones down their spicness and oily taste to suit Malaysians tastebuds. My favourite dishes are Pork on the Hanger, Golden Corn, Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster and Pumpkin Bread. If you wanted to try new cuisine like me, give a try to this restaurant. 

Thanks for the delicious meal. 

Restaurant Xiang Man Qiang
Authentic Hunan. Si Chuan Food
8, Jalan Metro Pudu
Fraser Business Park
Off Jalan Yew
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 9221 0818, 9226 0717