Rose Valley @ Cameron Highlands

We pass by Rose Valley on our way down the hill so I suggested to my gang to drop by and visit this Rose Valley. Everyone was okay with it so we parked our car at the car parking and walk over to the Rose Valley. The entrance fees (RM 4/Adult). The place was not crowded when we went around 12.30pm so we have our own space to explore the farm without disturbance.

The farm was so beautiful that I really loved. They have varieties of Roses and other flowers as well. I am a crazy ROSE LOVER and my dad used to have a rose garden when I was young so it becomes my favourite since then.
They have 2 peacocks, fountain, Small Kiosk that sells toys & seeds, playground and mini museum about flowers inside the farm. We spent 2 hours inside the farm. I loved it and I am very happy for dropping by. My Sister friend bought a Rose Plant for his mum as his mum loves Rose. He said that the Rose Plant was doing pretty well now. 
Bought some White Corn from a random stall. Not Bad. It tasted pretty good. Not too sweet compared to the normal sweet corn.

Do drop by if you are crazy Rose Lovers like me. It really brought back my childhood memories. 

Rose Valley
Cameron Highlands
39000 Tanah Rata