Rosette Cafe @ Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

We have no idea on what to have for dinner. The guys are not interested in Steamboat while me and my sister wanted to have steamboat in this cold & breezy weather. So we thought maybe we can just walk around Tanah Rata and decide. Finally, we settle down for Rosette as they serve both Steamboat and Ala-Cate menu. The rosette is located at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands (Nearby Starbucks). They serve Chinese and Western cuisine. It was crowded when we arrived so we find our own place to sit. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay. We ordered Wan Tan Hor, Black Pepper Steak Set and Steamboat.

Ice Lemon Tea is included in the Steak set. Refreshing to have while eating.
Mushroom Soup is just mediocre (Complimentary for the set as well) It was too dilute and lack of taste.
Complimentary Bread for the Steak Set. 
 The steamboat is more than enough for 2 person. We choose Tom Yum and Curry as our soup and both tasted equally good. No big complaints on the freshness of vegetables, but the seafood’s are mediocre. Please share it among 3 people if you are small eaters to avoid wastage.We couldn’t finish the noodle and waste it. We were guilty on wasting it. 
Steamboat @ RM 22 per person (Minimum needs 2 person to order)
 Black Pepper Steak was good that my Boyfriend loved it, but for me it tasted too raw that I really needed a sauce to eat with. I loved their mashed potato. Delicious!! 
Black Pepper Steak @ RM 20.50
Wan Tan Hor tasted good. My sister friend loved it and he was quite happy for ordering that.
Overall, it was an okay dinner for us. Not something to shout about. Just need some improvement on certain foods. In my opinion, they can use other thing rather than using the gas stove for steamboat. It just went off halfway through our steamboat and I guess it is quite dangerous for me. So just improve on that as safety comes first for me. The total bill for foods & drinks is RM 78.30

No 42, Jalan Besar,
39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05- 491 3159