Xing Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet @ C180, Cheras

Steamboat on this rainy weather is always a perfect idea,moreover on a Friday night. Cool right!! You can spend time with your friends & family until late night without worrying about waking up early for class/work. This round we went Xing Hotpot & BBQ, located at C180, Cheras. This Hotpot & BBQ restaurant offers unique dining experiences compared to some other steamboat restaurant. What is so unique about this steamboat & BBQ restaurant? You get a chance to catch your own Prawns, Escargort and Lala from the aquarium tank by yourself for the steamboat and BBQ. But be careful as the prawns will be flying all over the area while you are trying to catch it. Hahahaha!! We were greeted upon entering and the staff seated us in the table. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 6.30pm but it was filling up soon later on. It was an open-air concept restaurant and I guess this concept is perfect to have a BBQ and steamboat as it has good air ventilation and make the dining experience enjoyable. 
We chose Tom Yum & Chicken Soup for the steamboat and both of it tasted equally good. Seafood's are good to have with Tom Yum while Chicken Soup is good to have with all the vegetables and tofu. 
 Beverage Choices (Herbal Tea, Orange Tea, Lemon Tea and Chinese Tea). I loved their Orange Tea and Herbal Tea. Good to have with Steamboat & BBQ. Few dishes to have while waiting for the Steamboat and BBQ to be ready (Nuggets, Fries, Squid Rings, Salad, Chicken Wings, Prawns, Noodles and Fried Rice)
BBQ meats are good, it has it’s own flavour and doesn’t require any sauce to go with. All BBQ meats are marinated with the spices except Satay and Taufu. 
 Plenty of seafood choices (Prawn, Oyster, Lala, Crab, Shellfish, Squid, Snails, Fish and Scallops)
 Grilled Prawns was meaty and juicy. We used fresh prawns to do BBQ so it was yum. Grilled Oyster is good to have too. 
It was a good dinner for us. Friendly service and good hospitality which is very rare to expect in some Steamboat restaurant. Very frequent in refilling the ingredients except the live prawns. I think it is only refilled a couple of times during our entire stay and I manage to get some of it as I am one of the earliest customers of the day. My favorites are Prawn, Tom Yum & Chicken Soup, Crab, Mushroom and Cheese Taufu.

Thanks for the delicious food!!

E-UG-10, Centerstage,
Dataran C180
Jalan C180/1
Jalan Kasturi
Taman Kasturi
43200 Batu 9 Cheras