5 Best Banana Leaf Restaurants In KL & PJ

Banana Leaf Rice is one of my favorite food among everything to the extent that I have it once in a month. There are quite many people asked me about the BEST BANANA LEAF RICE in Kuala Lumpur/ Petaling Jaya. I write this post specially for them. Hope you guys enjoy it as much I enjoy it myself. The ranking for the Banana Leaf Rice Restaurant is based on my frequent visit to their restaurant and I always impressed with their quality that remains the same whenever I pay them a visit. 

Saravanan Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan is my favorite restaurant for Vegetarian Thali Set. I have tried all their outlets in Petaling Jaya/ Kuala Lumpur and I am proud to say that the foods tasted exactly the same and similar to India Foods in all their outlets. It is originated from India for your information.  So if you wanted to try foods that taste exactly the same like in India, then this is the perfect place for it. 

Recommended Dish: Thali Set (Sambar, Yogurt, Rasam and All Their Vegetarian Dishes).
Total Spending: RM 10.40-RM 14 per Thali Set.
Devi's Corner

Devi's Corner is a popular Banana Leaf Rice restaurant in Bangsar that will be always packed to the brim during their lunch hours. Everyone who are a frequent visitor to Bangsar sure atleast dine-in at this place  once.If it is possible avoid peak time and enjoy their mouth watering Banana Leaf Rice. 

Recommended Dishes: Crab Curry, Chicken Varuval and all their Vegetable Side dishes.
Total Spending: RM 7.50 per Banana Leaf Rice.
Vishal Food Catering @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

If you love Banana Leaf Rice and happen to be in the Brickfields area give this place a try. OMG the taste was amazing and they have varieties of vegetarian curries as well. So if you are a vegetarian and wanted to try good Vegetarian Banana Leaf Rice this is the place for you.  

Recommended Dishes: Crab Curry and Vegetable Curries.
Total Spending: RM 5.50 per Banana Leaf Rice.
Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant 

A Restaurant that is well known for their CHARITY Event and serves amazing Home-Cooked food. Whenever I dine-in, it always reminds of my mum's cooking. Best for people who wanted to eat Home Cooking or wanted try home-cooked Indian Foods. They serve both Buffet and Ala-Cate so call ahead to see what is their dining option for the day. But in my opinion, try their Buffet so that you can try  more varieties of foods. 

Recommended Dish: Dhall, Sambar, Paypasam, Idly, Chutney, Rasam and Yogurt. 
Total Spending: RM 20 for Dinner Buffet. 
Sri Ganapathi Mess @ Petaling Jaya Old Town

Always crave for the Banana Leaf Rice served in big portion at an affordable price. Try Sri Ganapathi Mess. For me, I love their Banana Leaf Rice but their Ala-Cate Non- Vegetarian are expensive though. The place is always full of people and the atmosphere is okay. 

Recommend Dishes: Chicken Rasam and Side dishes. 
Total Spending: RM 6 per Banana Leaf Rice.