GOGI KING @ Solaris Mont Kiara

We went GOGI KING for dinner after my exam. Thank God!! No more burning midnight oil and a month of Semester break. Gogi King is recommended by my friend for their special Cheese BBQ, a new craze for Korean Food currently. Gogi King is located at Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. They serve Korean Cuisine like Bibimbap, Pancake, Riceballs and BBQ Dishes as well. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 7.30pm but it was filling up soon later on. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay for me as it does not have proper ventilation, although it is an open concept restaurant. Moreover, their hand washing area is dirty too. I ordered Samgyeopsal, Baby Octopus, Kimchi Soup and additional rice. 
 Banchan was good. We like their Kimchi and Fishcake. 
Samgyeopsal was yummy. It was juicy and satisfying in every bite. When you eat it with cheese, it was yum. 
Samgyeopsal @ RM 23
 Baby Octopus was tasty and well cooked but we prefer Samgyeopsal  compared to Baby Octopus. 
Baby Octopus @ RM 26 
We add on additional cheese for RM 8 per bowl and I guess you really need to add on additional cheese so that it will be sufficient for the meats. 
Additional Rice @ RM 5
Kimchi Soup was delicious. It tasted almost similar to the other Korean Restaurant but the portion was rather smaller for the price we paid. It was served with a bowl of rice. 
Kimchi Soup @ RM 20
Overall, it was a good dinner for us. Foods are good, but it is not something extraordinary other than their special cheese. Portions are small in my opinion. In additional, friendly service by the boss but it is quite difficult to get attention from the staff. It is very difficult to get a car parking so it is advisable to park your car at their private car parking. 

Service Charge: NIL
GST: 6%

GOGI KING Restaurant
G, Solaris 1
1 Jalan Solaris
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur