Kopitime Cafe @ Tropicana City Mall

Bored with the food choices available at Tropicana City Mall? Why don't try out the newly opened cafe "KOPITIME CAFE". Kopitime café opened its door to the customer just a couple of days ago. Kopitime Cafe is located opposite Poh Kong (Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall). It serves food choices similar to any Kopitiam restaurant/cafe. The cafe was full house when we arrived at 3pm as they are currently having an opening promotion of 20% until 26/6/2016. The ambiance of the cafe is good and they have both indoor and outdoor seating areas for the customer, but I always prefer indoor seating area as it is damn hot outside. I ordered Ayam Penyet With Rice and Tom Khaa Goong With Rice. You have to order and pay at the counter. Once payment is done, the staff will give you a number to place it on the table and the server will serve the food to your table. 
Ayam Penyet With Rice was super duper good. It reminds of my meal in Bali. The chicken was fried until golden brown while sealing its moist and tender meat inside. Spicy Sambal adds an additional flavour to the overall dish. 
Ayam Penyet With Rice @ RM 10.49
Tom Khaa Goong With Rice. The soup was thick, spicy and delicious. It is seafood Tom Yum Soup and it tastes more towards Kopitiam style and not the Tom Yum Soup you can get in any Thai Restaurant. 
Tom Khaa Goong With Rice @ RM 10.07
It was a good dinner for us. Good service from the server but my Tom Khaa Goong With Rice took about 35 minutes to get which is quite long if you are starving and couldn’t wait for the food. The staff told me that the waiting time will be 15 minutes when I ordered the food but I received my food after 35 minutes and there is a huge time difference for me. Maybe the staff can tell me the real waiting time so that I can change it to a different dish instead of waiting for a long time. 

Service Charge: 5% + Tax

G- 11, Tropicana City Mall