Big Hug Burger Food Truck @ Fraser Business Park

Burger is one of my favorite foods so when I saw Big Hug Burger food truck at Fraser Business Park I wanted to have it for lunch without a second thought. I have tried their burger once at New Year Party, Desa Park City and I was pretty much impressed with their burger. I ordered Cheesy Chicken Burger. It takes less than 5 minutes to get my burger. Happy Kid!! I can have it on my way back home. Hahahaha!! 
 Charcoal Burger topped with fresh vegetable, fried chicken and cheese sauce. What a better way to have my lunch?? Cheese Sauce + Fried Chicken is my favorite combination and it never fails to impress me. Moreover, the cheese sauce tasted almost similar to the KFC cheese which is my favorite too. Just a small drawback is their bread was a bit soggy to me. Other than that it's perfect.