Restoran Foo San @ Jalan Laxamana, Ipoh

I love Char Kuay Teow therefore my little sister promised me that she will bring me to try her favorite Char Kuay Teow Restaurant in Ipoh. Restoran Foo San is located nearby UTC Ipoh or same row with Yik Foong Shopping Centre. The restaurant serves varieties of food choices at night like Curry Mee, Char Kuay Teow, Barbecue Chicken Wing, Dim Sum, Western Cuisine and Beverages. You have to order from the stall that you wished to dine-in and they will serve the food to your table. I ordered Char Kuay Teow. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay (Normal Chinese restaurant environment). They have 2 types of dining option for the customer. You can either choose to dine-in inside the restaurant or outside the restaurant. A couple of tables and chairs are placed in the road to accommodate the hungry customer. The place was crowded when we arrived and it remains busy during our stay.
Soy Bean Drink
 Char Kuay Teow was good, but it does not have a good Wok Hei flavor that I love. It is just a normal Char Kuay Teow to me and my sister commented that it used to be better last time, but now it’s just okay (Not extraordinary like how it used to be)

It was an okay dinner for me. Maybe I can give a try their Curry Mee in the future as it looks good too. I saw many people was actually ordering that. The total bill was about RM 11++ for 2 char kuay teow and add on fried egg, I forgot the exact amount.

Jalan Laxamana,
Ipoh, Perak