Restoran K. Intan @ Section 17

I love Dumpling & Wan Tan Noodle Soup so whenever I see this particular restaurant crowded with people during lunch hours; I decided to try this restaurant as they serve my favourite food. Restaurant K.Intan is located at Section 17, Petaling Jaya (Next to KK Mart). The restaurant serves Wan Tan Noodle (Both dry and soup version) with Dumpling, Wan Tan, Siew Yoke and Char Siu. The ambiance of the restaurant was good. You have to order your food to the boss at the counter and find your own way to sit in the restaurant. I ordered Wan Tan Noodle Soup and Siew Yoke Wan Tan Noodle. Once the order is made, the staff will serve it to your table. 

Siew Yoke Wan Tan Noodle tastes almost similar to Indo Mee to me. Seriously!! Siew Yoke has a good flavour, but it does not have a nice crackling that I want.
Wan Tan Noodle Soup was damn good. The noodle has a very good springy texture while the soup is flavourful. I loved it. In addition, they are quite generous with Wan Tan too. My bowl of noodle has 5-6 wan tan in it and it is pretty huge too.

Overall, it was an okay dinner for us. Wan Tan Noodle Soup was yummy but their Siew Yoke Wan Tan Noodle did not impress me much. Maybe I will drop again for their Wan Tan Noodle Soup in the future. I guess!! The total bill for the food & beverages is RM 11.50 which is pretty reasonable for me.

Restoran K. Intan
616, Jalan 17/10
Happy Garden
46400 Petaling Jaya