Crazy Korean Fire Noodle Challenge !!

Recently, most of the people went crazy over Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge!! I love spicy food and when I was challenged by my dear friend to try the Spicy Korean Noodle. I accepted this kind invitation with open heart. I bought the Spicy Korean Noodle from Village Grocer, Atria Shopping Mall when they were having a promotion. 
I cooked the noodles not too dry so that it won't be too spicy for me. In my opinion, it was too spicy that I can only finish 1/2 bowl of it. It was super-duper spicy that just numbs your tongue and sent signals to your brains that it's enough dear and you are just hurting yourself. Hahaha!! 
For me, it’s worth trying if you are spicy lover. But remember to have a cup of milk to neutralize your stomach. Always remember "Health is Wealth" .Hereby I would like to challenge my dear buddy RAJ, DEVI & AH MENG.