O&S Restaurant @ Taman Paramount

 My sister wanted to have spicy food for lunch therefore I suggested Restaurant O & S to her as I have read a very good review about their Curry Mee and Laksa. So we went there for lunch. Restaurant O & S is located at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. They sell varieties of food like Pan Mee, Laksa, Chee. Cheong Fun,Char Kuay Teow, Fresh Fruits and Beverages. It was a full house when we arrived at 1pm and we have waited about 15 minutes to get a table to sit. Basically, we stand next to a table to get a place but we stand a little far away from the table as I feel standing too near to those who eating is kinda rude. So if you are here during lunch hours, this is what happens here so be prepared to wait. The ambiance of the restaurant was good and the staff were very effective in cleaning the table once the customer left. That's great!! We ordered 2 bowls of Laksa. You have to tell the table number when ordering the food to the staff and once the order is ready, the staff will send it over to your table. 
Laksa was super delicious. It’s thick, spicy and does not have a fishy smell. In addition, there are big chunks of fresh fish in the bowl. Yummy!! It was really my first time, I find a fresh and meaty fish in Laksa. I loved it and my sister finished the whole bowl of it. Super shocked as she rarely finishes her food every time.
  Laksa @ RM 6
It was super duper yummy laksa for me. Fast service but very difficult to get car parking and also to get a place to sit. I think the best time is to drop by around 1.30pm as the crowd started to slow down and you can enjoy the food peacefully by taking your own sweet time. 

Restaurant O & S
Jalan 20/14
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya