Restoran HL Yee @ Kepong Baru

I went Kepong to meet my friends and after our meeting, I was super hungry. I pass by Restaurant HL Lee on our way back home.  It was very crowded with people even at 12pm on Friday Night. So we parked our car and went over for dinner. It is an open spaced restaurant and they sell varieties of foods from Chinese Food to Western Food. You have to tell your table number while ordering the food from the stall and once the food is ready, the staff will serve it to your table. As for drinks, the staff will take your order from the table. I ordered a Fried Oyster Egg and Fried Rice.

Fried Oyster Egg was delicious. The more you eat, more you want it. Delicious!! 
Fried Oyster Egg @ RM 8
Fried Rice was just an okay dish. It just manages to fulfil my hunger.
Jalan Mergastua (Jalan 56),
52100, Kepong Baru