Boat Noodle @ Berjaya Times Square

I was craving for Boat Noodle for a long time, so I went Boat Noodle, which is located at 2nd Floor, Berjaya Time Square (Nearby Big Spoon Restaurant) for lunch. They serve Boat Noodles, Snacks, Beverages, Desserts and limited choices of rice dishes too (Bangkok Omelette, Basil Chicken and The Hulk Smash Green Curry With Rice). We were greeted upon entering the restaurant and we find our own place to sit. It was crowded when we arrived at 12pm and full house around 1pm. I can see people starting to queue outside the restaurant when we were leaving. You have to write your order on the piece of paper provided in the table and pass it to the staff once you are done. The ambiance of the restaurant was good to have a quick meal. I ordered 4 Bowl of Boat Noodle (one from each type of noodles & sauce) and The Hulk Smash Green Curry With Rice. 

Boat Noodle was yummy and 4 bowl is more than enough for me. They have 2 types of noodle (Egg Noodle & Rice Noodle) and 2 types of sauce as well (Ayuthaya and Pathumthani). My favorite would be  their Ayuthaya and  Rice Noodle as rice noodle can absorb more flavor compared to the egg noodle. 
Boat Noodle @ RM 1.90 per bowl.
It takes about 15 minutes to get The Hulk Smash Green Curry With Rice. Pity my sister as she only gets her food after I am done with my Boat Noodles. Green curry was creamy and it has a good spicy taste in it but we were expecting a really spicy version of Green Curry rather than the creamy version. The staff informed us that this is a really spicy dish so I was expecting more therefore we were a somewhat disappointed. If you are looking for a Green Curry with little/mild spicy taste then its for you guys but if you are like me, then better ask for more spicy. 
The Hulk Smash Green Curry With Rice @ RM 11.90
It was a good lunch for us. Nice food and good service but if you are here during  the peak hours, it really takes time to get the rice dishes while the Boat Noodles are served pretty quick. 

Service Charge: 5%
GST: 6%

Boat Noodle
02-49-10 & 02-49-11, 2nd Floor
Berjaya Times Square
1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur