Dragon-i & Canton-i @ AEON Ipoh Station 18

After our tired shopping at AEON Station 18, we decided to have teatime at Dragon-I & Canton-I while waiting for my boyfriend. Dragon-I & Canton-I is located at Ground Floor, AEON Station 18 (Opposite Padini). They serve both foods from Canton-I and Dragon-I in the same premise. We were greeted upon entering the restaurant and the staff seated us in the 4pax table. The restaurant was crowded when we arrived at 4.30pm. The ambiance of the restaurant was good and comfortable to dine-in. I ordered Iced Milk Tea, Egg Tart and Steamed M.D. Crab.

Iced Milk Tea, my favourite drink in Canton-I. Yummy!! Best to have after my tired shopping and it’s like an energy boosting drink to me. 
Iced Milk Tea @ RM 6
The crust of the Egg Tart is soft and fluffy while the filling was soft and creamy. According to their staff, its fresh from the oven and its true though. 
Egg Tart @ RM 4.50
Steamed M.D. Crab tasted okay to me. Used to be one of my favourite in Dragon-I, therefore I ordered that but this round it turns out to be mediocre. Too little ingredients in the soup and it does not have any rich crab flavour in it. In addition, RM 10 for this, I guess its overpriced. 
Steamed M.D. Crab @ RM 10
It was an average teatime for us. Foods from Canton-I (Milk Tea and Egg Tart was delicious) but foods from Dragon-I (Steamed M.D. Crab) seriously needs improvement, in my opinion. Second Visit? Yes for Canton-I while Dragon-I, I need to think twice, maybe yes for other foods.

Service Charge: 10%
GST:  Bill inclusive of 6% GST

Lot G63, Ground Floor
AEON Ipoh Station 18 Shopping Centre
2, Susuran Stesen 18
Station 18
Tel: 03- 3223 588