Cafe Coffee Day @ Fatehabad road, Agra

Cafe Coffee Day, a most popular coffee shop in the movie. When I see all the movie actor/actress trying it in the movie, catches my interest to trying it as well. Therefore, we decided to take away Iced Cold Coffee before our journey to Jaipur (A long 6 hour ride from Agra). A couple of people occupied the shop when we arrived at 1.45pm. You have to order and pay at the counter. It cost us INR 240/ RM 14.96 for an Iced Cold Coffee including all the Taxes. 
Iced Cold Coffee was delicious and refreshing to have during the hot weather but if you are in New Delhi, go for their Masala Chai. For me, it is way better than this. You can get a Iced Cold Coffee anywhere in the world but Masala Chai is a signature drink of North India. 
Cafe Coffee Day
Fatehabad Road
Shop No 1
Hotel Mani Ram Palace
282 001 India
Phone: 7520 481 573