Eating Out & Shopping In Old Delhi- Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Chandni Chowk is a popular market in New Delhi for street food and shopping according to various articles yet I don’t get to try all the famous food except Karim's Hotel. However, I manage to find other golden gems by myself. We have 2 missions on our mind when we went Chandni Chowk. 1st “EAT AS MUCH AS WE CAN” and 2nd “SHOPPING FOR LEHENGA AND SAREE”. 
Our tour guide booked us a rickshaw to go to Chandni Chowk and come back to Jama Masjid and he told us to pay INR 400 (RM 25.22) per rickshaw for the ride. Only 2 person can ride at a time in the rickshaw.The rickshaw didn’t stop at any shop in Chandni Chowk but we wanted to explore ourself the market so we decided to pay the rickshaw driver and walk to explore. The tour guide insisted to pay the money to him so that he can pass it to the rickshaw driver. But my friend refused and decided to pay to the driver directly and guess what? That’s when we get to know that the tour guide tried to cheat us!!! Yeah, you heard it right. The actual ride charge was INR 200 (RM 12.61) ONLY!!. After done with our shopping, we decided to go back to the Jama Masjid so we took rickshaw but this time we asked them the price first and he quoted us INR 50 (RM 3.15)!! Yeah its INR 50 (RM 3.15) only!!! Again we get to know that we have been cheated earlier by paying INR 200 (RM 12.61) for a ride from Jama Masjid to Chandni Chowk.My advice here is don’t simply trust the tour guide and deal with the drivers directly. Don’t worry, although they can’t speak good English, they will understand when you say Chandni Chowk and quote a price to you.
Street Food that we have tried:

Stuffed Egg Omelette: Something unique with spices and herbs, that tastes good.
Orange Juice: It’s tasted refreshing to have in the hot weather and also it tastes different from orange juice in Malaysia. We even ordered additional 3 cups after tried only one cup. Hahahaha!!
Kulfi Ice-Cream @ INR 20 (RM 1.26): The best Kulfi Ice-Cream I have ever tried in my life. So damn good and we were not regretted for trying it. Yummy!!! Must try Ice Cream in Chandni Chowk.
Fresh Coconut @ INR 40 (RM 2.53)
Karim's Hotel:  Good foods but I have a great expectation on their briyani and it dint not live up to my expectations. Other than that, foods tasted good. 

Address:  Karim Hotels
Jama Masjid
Phone: 2326 4981/ 2326 9880
I am proud to say that we have achieved our mission. We bought 1 Lehenga for INR 2000 (RM 126.09) and Sari for INR 1300 (RM 81.96) from Shrishti Yash Creations (Wholesale Lehenga Chunni, Sarees and Suits). It’s located at Nai Sarak, where they sell varieties of Lehenga and sarees. They have very good customer service and especially no pushy sales. In addition, we also bought 2 Sarees blouse at INR 150 (RM 9.46) per piece (FREE SIZE) from a random saree blouse seller at Chandni Chowk, which is a great deal for us because in Malaysia, the Ready-Made saree blouses are selling at RM 100++. Expensive right!! 

5529, Main Road
Nai Sarak
Chandni Chowk
110006 Delhi 
(Opposite R.K Fabrics)
Amit Jain: 9810 219 130 
We do meet some good people along the way, who guide us to find the shops. Thanks to all the MR. STRANGERS who helped us to make our shopping and food hunting more memorable. 

That’s an end of our food trails and shopping in Chandni Chowk. 


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