Highway Masala @ L.H.S Yamuna Expressway, Agra

You should have known by the name itself that this Hotel is located in the Delhi-Agra Highway. The hotel is recommended by our driver on our way to Agra and we took his offer. Highway Masala is a restaurant with a small souvier shop located inside too. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 3pm. They serve limited choices of food. You have to order and pay at the counter. Once your order is done, they will serve it to your table. We ordered Briyani, Mango Lassi, Masala Chai and Thali Set.
Mango Lassi was a bit dilute for us. Just an okay drink.
Masala Chai tastes yummy as usual. No complaints, good to have during the long hour ride.
Briyani was surprisingly tasty. It has a good spices and herb flavour in it. Rather than the plain version that require curry to go with. 

Overall, I have no complaints about the food, but it is expensive for what we get I guess, Like the Thali Set we ordered. It was tasty, but it is super expensive for the price we paid. It is a non-veg Thali but I didn’t find any meat in it. In Malaysia, we can get better Banana Leaf Meal with that money. Sorry, I forgot to take the Thali Set picture. 

Yamuna Express Highway
203135 Uttar Pradesh