Karim's @ Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Karim Hotel, a most recommended restaurant in Chandi Chowk for their Briyani and kebab. I guess, literally everyone knows about this place as whenever we ask people about the direction, they can guide us so easily and some even commented its good choice too. Karim Hotel is located opposite gate 1, Jama Masjid.  They serve varieties of Kebab, Briyani, Curries, Paratha, Naan, Snacks, Sweets and limited beverage. We were greeted at the entrance and we find our own place to sit. It was so crowded when we arrived at 4.30pm and its filling up soon later on. Moreover, it remains occupied during our entire stay. The ambiance of the hotel was good for dine-in. I ordered ½ Kilo Chicken Briyani, ½ Butter Chicken, Keema Naan, Panner Paratha, Aloo Palak and dessert.
Briyani was delicious and good to eat together with their butter chicken yet I still don’t find something that makes me “WOW” about it. Just a normal briyani to me. What I love about their Chicken Briyani is that their meat was tender and juicy. Usually, I don’t take any meats from Briyani but here is an expectation as it tastes yummy to me. 
Chicken Briyani @ INR 213/RM 13.37
½ Butter Chicken was yummy. Tender and juicy pieces of chicken in lovely sauce. Best for both Briyani and Naan. 
Butter Chicken @ INR 375/RM 23.54
Aloo Palak was delicious. The spinach was cooked beautifully but it was a little oily for us. Oil floating on the top of the palak just turns us away to have the second servings, the major drawback of the dish. 
Aloo Palak @ INR 115/RM 7.22
Keema Naan was tasty and flavourful that it does not require any curry to go with. 
Keema Naan @ INR 150/ RM 9.42
Paneer Partha was just a mediocre to me. Its too hard to chew and a bit dry for me. 
Paneer Paratha @ INR 110/RM 6.91
The dessert was delicious. Its perfectly satisfy all those with a sweet tooth.
It was a good lunch for us. Foods are good compared to our previous day dinner at Sandoz Family Restaurant. It takes a while to get our foods but its okay as the food worth the wait if you ordered the right dishes. My favourite would be their Butter Chicken, Kheer, Aloo Palak and Keema Naan.

VAT Food: 12.50%
VAT Drinks: 20%
Service Charge: 6% 

 Karim Hotels
Jama Masjid
Phone: 2326 4981/ 2326 9880