KFC @ Domestic Airport, New Delhi

I love to try fast food from different countries and when I came across KFC at New Delhi Domestic Airport, it attracts me to try their Popcorn Chicken. Popcorn Chicken is no longer available in KFC Malaysia  but I love popcorn Chicken. KFC looks like a small kiosk and they only have take away options. Don’t worry guys!! There will be a small dining area for people to have their foods. You have to order and pay at the counter. Then collect your food and have it at the dining area. It cost me INR 128/RM 8.04 for a medium popcorn chicken.
It was super duper yummy. The Chicken was tender, juicy and sprinkled with spices and herbs that makes it more delicious. I loved it and I was so happy for having it. So GOOOD!!

VAT: 12.5%
Service Tax: 6%

Devyani International
Counter No 12, 
Terminal 1D
Domestic Airport
New Delhi
Website: WWW.kfc.co.in