McDonalds Family Restaurant @ Fatehabad Road, Agra

I always love to try MC Donald whenever I travel to other countries. For me, every country has their own signature dishes. In India, they have more Vegetarian choices in their menu compared to Malaysia where we have more Beef and Chicken choices in our menu. MC Donald is located along our way to Hotel Wyndham Grand/Orient Taj from Taj Mahal. It is just less than 5 minutes drive. We take away Paneer Burger and Vegetable Pizza Puff to try it back at our hotel as this 2 item attracted us the most in their menu. 

Paneer Burger was super duper yummy. We loved their Cheese Sauce the most as it gives a beautiful taste to the overall burger.
Vegetable Pizza Puff was tasty too.
Mc Donald’s Family Restaurant
TDI Mall
Plot No 3
Fatehabad Road
282 001 India
Open Today: 10am-11pm