Muradabadi Shahi Biryani & Chicken Corner @ Jail Road, New Delhi

Most of the flights to New Delhi are at night (Airasia and Malindo). Therefore, after landing in New Delhi, we cannot go anywhere other than sleep at the hotel (I lose a day of exploring the town). Our flight landed in New Delhi at 10pm and about 11pm, we were done with the immigration process, but I know that most of the restaurant will be closed at this hour. Therefore, we just followed our driver recommendations for dinner. Hydrabadi Muradabadi Chicken & Mutton Briyani is located at Jail Road, New Delhi. They serve limited choices of foods like Chapatti, Briyani, Korma and some chicken dishes. The ordering system is very unique in New Delhi. You have to order the briyani by Kilo while the meat dishes by the portion size (Full, Half or Quarter) which is totally different from Malaysia. In Malaysia, we ordered foods by dishes and not by portion. We ordered ½ Kilo Chicken Briyani, Half Chicken Korma (Chicken Korma looks drooling when we peeked in their giant metal bowl) and 5 Chapatti. The total bill was about INR 270/ RM 16.95. We take away our foods to have it later in the hotel. The place is very unique, they place their Briyani and Korma in the giant metal pot and it’s something different to me. 
Chicken Briyani was okay to me. I had high expectation on their Hydrabadi Briyani in India but it does not impress me much. I guess, I should try the place recommended by the Indian Instagramers in New Delhi. Briyani ½ Kilo sounds too big, but the serving size is for 2 people if you are a small eaters, so don’t scare like us and order too little. 
Half Hydrabadi Chicken Briyani @ INR 100/ RM 6.28
 Chicken Korma has a wonderful flavour and it goes beautifully with their Briyani but it's too oily for us. Moreover, for a late night dinner, I guess it’s a big NO NO for me. 
Half-Chicken Korma @ INR 140/RM 8.79
Chapati was so soft and it's yummy. It has a tissue like texture and not too chewy which I really liked about it. 
It was an okay dinner for us. Food was okay, nice service but do I drop by again? Maybe for their Chapatti.

E-68, Gurunanak Pura,
Jail Road
New Delhi