Pinch Of Spice @ Fatehabad Road, Agra

Pinch of Spices is a recommended restaurant from our driver and Zomato as well. Therefore, we decided to have it for dinner. Pinch of Spices is located less than 5 minutes from our Hotel Wyndham Grand (Orient Taj) by car and less than 20 minutes by foot. They serve both Ala-cate and Buffet dinner. We took Non-Veg Buffet Dinner, cost us INR 650/RM 40.62 per person. The buffet is always a smarter choice if you wanted to try varieties of foods like us. We were greeted upon entering the restaurant and the staff seated us in the 6pax table. The restaurant was crowded when we arrived at 8.30pm and remains occupied during our entire stay. I guess, it is a popular choice among locals too. The ambiance of the restaurant was lovely and good for a romantic date too. Appetizers are served on the table while for the main course and desserts, you have to take it from the food counter.
Tender and juicy fish is irresistibly delicious with that fragrant smoky flavour. 
Tender and juicy chicken that has a very good smoky aroma. 
The chicken was well tenderized and not overcooked. 
Garlic Naan was soft, light and easier to chew.
Smooth and creamy texture of this healthy soup makes it heart-warming. 
Gulab Jamun, a big and spongy ball soaked in sugar syrup. So Goooood!!
Everything was excellent from the food to the service. We have no complaints about their foods and perfect customer service. Do I drop by again? Definitely a BIG YES for their food. My favourite is their Gulab Jamun, Fish Tikka or Can I say everything is my favourite as I cannot find any fault in any of their foods. Just a small drawback was their high tax rate which is 30.5%. In Malaysia, it is just 16% or sometimes 6%. 

VAT: 14.5%
Service Tax: 5.6%
Service Charge: 10%
Kishan Kalyan: 0.2%
SBC: 0.2%

Pinch Of Spices
1076/2, Opposite ITC Mughal Hotel
Fatehabad Road
Phone: 0562-404 5252/ 404 5353