2 Best Street Shopping Places In Jaipur You Wish You Knew Earlier

Johari Bazar & Bapu bazaar, is a popular shopping heaven in Jaipur according to the Travel Bloggers. Johari Bazar for spices and clothes while Bapu bazaar is for shoes and clothes according to the Hotel Receptionist. They have a proper shop lot to sell things and each shop lot have their own number. Always remember to negotiate before buying anything from clothes to bags. I bought a Kurtis at INR 350/RM 22.40 (Original cost INR 500/RM 32), Bag at INR 300/RM 19.20 (Original cost INR 600/RM 38.40), Pant at INR 250/RM 16, Chain at INR 200/RM 12.80 (Original cost INR 400/RM 25.60) and Blouse at INR 250/RM 16 yet I still prefer Sarojini Market and Chandni Chowk for shopping. They have more varieties of Street Food and Clothes choices for everyone, but Johari Bazaar & Bapu bazaar is not hot and enjoyable for shopping as they have shades to walk around.Gold Blouse can be purchased at Sarojini Market and Chandni Chowk at INR 150 but they don’t have the varieties of Golden Blouse choices so we bought it here. If you want to buy simple models, try to get it from Chandni Chowk at cheaper price. 
Chain at INR 200/RM 12.80 (Original cost INR 400/RM 25.60)
Johari Bazar & Bapu bazaar
Johari Bazar Road,
Ramganj Bazar
302 003 India