22 Hours In The Pink City Of Jaipur

I truly felt 22 hours is just not enough for me to explore the whole place BUT I still manage to cover Sanjay Omelette, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Johri Bazar, Babu Bazar, LMB (Laxmi Misthan Bhandar), Lassiwala, Hawa Mahal and City Palace. I regret not visiting the Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur as their fort is amazing. So now, continue READING to know more about how I covered many places within the short period of time.

Sanjay Omelette, a famous omelette shop in Jaipur and it does live up to my expectations. We were egg lovers and when we know there is shop sells varieties of egg dishes, it’s a must visit place in Jaipur for us.

Address: Sanjay Omelette
University Marg,
Bapu Nagar
302 015 India
Open Today: 11am-11pm
Tel: 9929 561 496

We stayed in Hotel Trident Jaipur (Rajasthan). Excellent hotel with great services.The rooms are large and the service was exceptional.This hotel and its gardens are stunning. Very beautiful buildings. We spent 1 nights here and loved it.

Address: Hotel Trident Jaipur
Amber Fort Road
Opposite Jal Mahal
Jaipur 302 002
Tel: 91 141 267 0101 
Email: reservations.ttjp@tridenthotels.com/ reservations@tridenthotels.com
Next day, we went to Amber Fort, located 10 minute ride from our Hotel Trident. Our driver insists on dropping us above the Amber Fort and enjoys the elephant ride in the Elephant Village later on but I insist on riding an elephant to the Amber Fort rather than driving the car up. Later on, when we asked him to pick us up at the Amber Fort he gave us excuse and stayed below in the car park. Elephant ride to Amber Fort cost us INR 1100/RM 70.26 for one way and you have to pay directly to the person sitting on the elephant. I was not regret for doing that as the view of the Amber Fort is magnificent and the elephant ride was enjoyable too. Although I enjoyed the view, I actually regret taking the elephant ride. They should be loved isn’t?

P/S: Do not give tips to them after dropping you at the entrance as advised by the official authorities. 

Address: Devisinghpura,
 Amer, Jaipur, 
302001, India
Entry Fee: INR 500 (RM 31.94)/ Elephant Ride INR 1100 (RM 70.26)
Villagers staying nearby this palace are people who worked in the Royal family before. They are not allowed to sell the house and normal people like us can’t imagine on staying here as it is protected by UNESCO Heritage. 
We took a tour guide at INR 200/RM 12.77 in total for 5 people; he knows more history about the buildings. I was happy for doing that as he explained very well about the history of the Kingdom. Besides that, I told him that I do not tip him, yet he still does a very good job. Therefore, he got a special tip from me at the end of the trip.Visit to Amber Fort is very special to me. The technology used by them makes me wonder. They are way too smart compared to the people nowadays. According to our tour guide, Jodha Akbar movie was shot here based on the story about the Kingdom and now the Royal family has been settled down in City Palace, Jaipur. Besides that, the beautiful song "MOHE RANG DO LAAL" from Bajirao Mastani was shot at the Amber Palace as well (Source).
King court, where the King listens to the villager’s problem every month.  
The colour in the Amber Fort buildings is from the vegetables and natural colours that last until now. Brilliant right!! Green colour from Spinach, Yellow from Turmeric and Purple from brinjal (All natural colours)
King Bedroom with temperature control and colour system that make me “WOW”. The glasses were imported from Belgium if I am not mistaken in exchange with the marbles.  The glass enables them to have the temperature control and colour control system for the comfort of the Queen. I guess, you guys have to drop by yourself to try it out like us. It is so cool!!

Tops: Colors (Tirunelveli)
Bottom: H&M 
Shoe: Adidas (Adizero Shoe)
Sun-glass: Cotton On

The bathroom was equipped with a Jacuzzi, Hot Steam Bath, Spa and Sauna in that era. This sounds interesting to me!!! 
Bought a perfume from the guy outside the Amber Fort at INR 500/RM 31.94 each with a free small bottle. We bought Rose,? (I forgot the name of it) and Sandalwood. The perfume was really good and it last for 24 hours.Thats good right.
After our tour at Amber Fort, we went to the village to have a look at, how they use vegetable colour to do print on the clothing’s. That is quite fun too.
Along the way to Hawa Mahal, we stopped at Jal Mahal to snap some photo. There will be some random guys who will ask you to dress up like a Rajasthani to take photo infront of the Jal Mahal. We were not that interested but you guys can give a try.
Hawa Mahal, a beautiful place to take photo and it’s located along the way to City Palace. We don’t have sufficient time to explore the City Palace as we were rushing back. Our driver just drops us at Johari Bazar and asks us to walk back to City Palace in the hot weather while he was resting happily under the tree shades chit-chatting with his friends. I guess, we booked him for our convenience not for his and he also scolded us when we gave him tips of INR 2000/RM 127.74. Luckily, my friend was bold enough to fight back. We don’t mind paying him more if he gave us very good service but he gave us terrible nightmare. Few of our plans was delayed because of his slow driving, he didn’t know the location of certain places and he also brought us to the place where he can get commission even though I said no. However, I guess, the boss who I spoke to when booked the car driver was good, maybe we got the terrible driver. 
Johari Bazar and Babu Bazar, a shopping heaven in Jaipur. We bought some Clothes, Spices, and Bags. But I still prefer Sarojini Market and Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. They have more choices to choose from clothing’s, slippers to street foods. Nevertheless, in Jodhri Bazar and Babu Bazar you can find Rajasthani Clothing’s.

Address: Johari Bazar & Bapu bazaar
Johari Bazar Road,
Ramganj Bazar
302 003 India
LMB (Laxmi Misthan Bhandar), a famous hotel in Jaipur for Rajasthani Food. I watched few YouTube Video about them; therefore, we went there for lunch. Later we find out that we are not a big fan of Rajasthani Food, spicy and strong masala flavour.

Address: Laxmi Misthan Bhandar
Johari Bazar Road,
302 003 India

On our way to City Palace, we had Lassiwala. I read tons of reviews about them online and I have been dying to try this. They give it in a clay cup and it’s definitely the best Lassi I have ever tried. Yummy!!

Address: Johari Bazar Road,
302 003 India 


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