Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar (LMB) @ Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

When you are in Rajasthan, you have to try Rajasthan Thali right? Therefore, we went LMB (Laxmi Misthan Bhandar) for lunch. Laxmi Misthan Bhandar is located at Johari Bazar. They serve varieties of Rajasthan food and I thought Rajasthan Thali is the best choice to sample more varieties of dishes. Therefore, we ordered 3 Rajasthan Thali, 2 Briyani and 2 Sweet Lassi. The ambiance of the place was good, but their washroom needs some improvements. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 3pm but it was filling up soon later on.

Sweet Lassi was my life saver in the entire lunch. Its delicious, sweet and perfect to have with their spicy food. 
Sweet Lassi @ INR 95/RM 6.20
It's our first time trying Rajasthan Thali and we don’t know where to start from so the Staff teaches us the way to enjoy the Rajasthan Thali. Its fun to try different foods. Too many spices and masala for me in Rajasthani Thali. All of us have to force ourself to eat as we are hungry. 
Royal Rajasthan Thali @ INR 540/RM 35.25
Mughlai Briyani was so spicy until we have to eat with their yogurt to balance the spicy taste. 
Mughlai Briyani @ INR 270/RM 17.62
Overall, it was good. I saw everyone enjoying it other than us. So I guess, it might be not their fault. Maybe we are not the fan of Rajasthani Foods. I cannot comment much about it as I never tried any Rajasthan Food before to compare with. Anyone know better Rajathani Food? Do let me know, maybe I can try it on my next visit because I really wanted to try delicious Rajasthan Food.

Service Tax: 6%
VAT: 5.5% for foods and Sweet Lassi
VAT: 15% for Drinking Water

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar
Johari Bazar Road,
302 003 India