Livello Uno @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

My boyfriend wishes to have good Italian Food for dinner so we went Livello Uno for dinner. Livello Uno is located at TTDI (Samerow with Chequers Waffles) The cafe is at the upper floor while the down floor is occupied with different shop. We were greeted upon entering and we find our own place to seat. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu. I was totally clueless on what to order as everything in the menu looks good and most of it is my favorite too. Finally, I settle for Beef Lasagne, Gnocchi Whole Wheat Creamy and cappuccino. There were only 2 customers when we arrived around 7pm. The ambiance of the cafe was good for dine-in. 

Cappuccino was dilute, don't have strong coffee taste. We gave feedback to the staff about the drink, hope they would improve on it in the future. 
Cappuccino @ RM 9
Gnocchi Whole Wheat Creamy is a treat for creamy sauce lovers. The Gnocchi is spongy, soft and it combines really well with the creamy sauce. Yummy!! 
Gnocchi Whole Wheat Creamy @ RM 26

Beef Lasagne was filling and satisfying. 
Beef Lasagne @ RM 30
Overall, it was a good dinner. The foods was delicious, just needs some improvement on the beverage (Coffee). Second Visit? Sure to try other things in the menu. 

Service Charge: 10%

Livello Uno
165A Jalan Aminuddin Baki
60000 TTDI, KL