Sanjay Omelette @ Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

Sanjay Omelette, famous omelette restaurant in Jaipur and I love egg dishes therefore I fixed my mind to must try Sanjay Omelette in Jaipur. Thanks god!! I manage to find the restaurant with the help of people giving us the directions and our driver volunteer himself to call the restaurant to ask for the direction. Sanjay Omelette is located at University Marg, Jaipur. They serve varieties of egg dishes from Sunny Side Up Egg To Pizza. We ordered Cheese Omelette, Indo Afghani Omelette, Chinese Pizza and Cheese Tomato Egg. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 8pm but it was very busy with people taking away. The place was comfortable for dine-in. They have upstairs for dine-in while downstairs to take away. 
Indo Afghani tastes almost similar to the Cheese Omelette, but it has less cheese taste. 
Indo Afghani Omelette @ INR 120/RM 7.58
Cheese Omelette was simple yet deliciously tasty. 
Cheese Omelette @ INR 120/RM 7.58
Chinese Pizza was super duper yummy. I didn’t expect it to be good and it’s a favourite dish among all of us. 
Chinese Pizza @ INR  120/RM 7.58
Cheese Tomato is a treat for egg lovers. It tastes so yummy and the combinations work really well. I just love it when the egg yolk burst inside my mouth. 
Cheese Tomato @ INR 80/RM 5.05
Overall, it was a good dinner for us. This is a heavenly place for all the egg lovers and you guys should drop by to try it out by yourself. The total bill is about INR 540/RM 34.12 including the tax and 3 cold drinks (INR 25/RM 1.58 each). 

Sanjay Omelette
University Marg,
Bapu Nagar
302 015 India
Open Today: 11am-11pm
Tel: 9929 561 496