11 Addictive Indian Snacks You Have To Try- India

One of the things I love about India is its food, and that includes snacks too, which you can buy from every Supermarket/ Tea Stalls in every street corner. They have all sorts of interesting and cute-looking things there. Therefore, when I went on a trip to India, I tried some of their famous snacks. I bought all these Snacks, Candy, Chips, Cookies and Junk Food based on the TV advertisement, staff recommendations and also my own personal preferences. 

Cheetos- Masala Balls that is perfect to enjoy while watching TV/Hot Heats Maggi tastes average to me as I can feel the powder taste from the Maggie Noodles. For me, I still prefer Malaysia Maggie Tom Yum Maggie and Curry. 
Little Hearts is a heart shaped biscuit sprinkled with sugar. Bag of hearts!! /Good Days is my favourite advertisement in TV and it tastes as sweet as the actress /50-50 is the perfect combination of sweet and salty taste.
Small & cute version of Tiger Biscuit, perfect to have with CoffeeDark Fantasy is a yummy cookies loaded with chocolate sauce in the middle that melts in the mouth/
Who don’t know about Lays?
My favourite Milk Chocolate in India. Yummy!! /Crunchy & Munchy Sweet/ Dairy Milk Bubbly tastes almost similar to the normal dairy milk, not something unique but expensive. 
Most of the Snacks, Candy, Chips, Cookies and Junk Food taste super duper yummy that I went again to get more of it while some don’t get to impress me much for the price I paid (Diary Milk Bubbly and Hot Heats Maggie).