Chun Kee Tai Bu Mee @ Jalan Sayur, Pudu

While I was browsing for a good place to have lunch in Pudu, I came across this Hakka Noodles stall in Jalan Sayur, Pudu. It has positive review online; thereby my sister and I drop by for lunch. We use WAZE to locate the place as we are unfamiliar with Pudu Area. The place looks like a street food market with a couple of stalls opened for business in the noon. We look for the stall named Tai Bu Mee to have our lunch. You have to order at the stall and pay once the food is served. I ordered 2 Hakka Noodle (Medium). The place was good to have a quick meal.
Springy Noodle topped with minced meat and veggie. Mix well together and enjoys. If you are not a fan of clear food, order their Kicap Version rather than their plain noodle. In our case, I prefer their plain noodle while my sister loves their Kicap Version. So I guess, it is based on the personal preference. 
Wantons was meaty and huge but their skin was too thick for us.
Overall, it was SUPERB lunch for us. Big portion and  reasonable price. The total bill was RM 12 for the foods. Be prepared to wait for the food during the lunch hours. Little difficult to get car parkings so park somewhere else and walk over to the stall.

Chun Kee Hakka Noodles
Jalan Sayur