Du Viet @ Damansara Uptown

I wish to have a comforting bowl of noodle for dinner. Therefore, I suggest Restaurant Du Viet to my Boyfriend and he was okay with it. Therefore, we went there for dinner. Du Viet Restaurant is located at Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. Du Viet occupied the upper floor while the downstairs is occupied by different shop. They serve Vietnamese Cuisine. The staff was engaged with the customer when we arrived at 8pm so we find our own place to sit. Each table is placed with the menu and the order sheet. We write down our own order in the order sheet and pass it to the staff. The staff verified our order again before passing it to the kitchen. We ordered Summer Spring Roll (2 Piece), Beef Noodle and Chicken Noodle. The ambiance of the restaurant was good and very comfortable to dine-in.
Summer Spring Roll was fresh and tasty. Dip it in the peanut sauce and enjoy. 
Summer Spring Roll @ RM 12.90
The Noodle has a smooth and soft texture and it goes perfectly well with the clear broth. Lemongrass Chicken adds an additional taste to the overall dish. But if you want to have an additional kick to the noodle, do remember to add their sauce to your noodle. Spicy & Yummy!! But for me, I love to enjoy the original flavour. 
Lemongrass Chicken Noodle @ RM 15.90
Squeeze the lemon over the noodle and mix it together with the Mint Leaf, Taugeh and Basil leaf. 
For me, both Beef Noodle and Lemongrass Chicken Noodle was equally good. 
Beef Noodle @ RM 15.90
Overall, it was a SUPERB dinner for us. Service was good and delicious food. Even my Boyfriend is unaware of this restaurant in Damansara Uptown and he thanks me for bringing him here for dinner. He is so happy because he could bring his friends for lunch here in the future. Hope they enjoy it as well :D :D 

Service Charge: 10%

Du Viet Restaurant 
41A& 43A, Uptown 37
Damansara Utama 
Tel: 03- 7726 8101