Hotel New Rusi @ Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli

I love India Parotta and Kottu Parotta so I asked the locals about their favourite place for Kottu Parotta, they recommend me Hotel New Rusi in Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli. She said that she loves their Chilly Parotta. Chilly Parotta, something new that  I never heard before. Therefore, me and my sister went there to take away. In India, Parotta is eaten together with alcohol, so the shop will be always crowded with guys so it's not recommended for ladies to dine-in there. Small advice from the aunty as well. Hotel New Rusi is located at Trivandrum Road, Palayamkottai. You have to order and pay at the counter. Once done with the payment, the staff will pack it for you. I ordered Chilly Parotta and Kottu Parotta. I saw them making Parotta non-stop to accommodate the hungry patrons. Moreover, it was busy with people taking away too.

Kottu Parotta was as usual super duper yummy and it is more than enough for 2 person. It was well flavoured with spices and all the ingredients goes well together. 
Chilly Parotta was good. It tastes almost similar to the Chicken 65 sauce but it was way too oily for us that makes us sick after sometimes.
Overall, it was a good dinner. Food was good, just the Chilly Parotta needs some improvement on the oilyness. Despite the crowd, I manage to get my order in less than 10 minutes. Yeah!! Thats pretty quick right!! Total bill was INR 120/RM 7.86 for Chilly Parotta and Kottu Parotta. Thanks for the recommendation Aunty. 

Hotel New Rusi
Tamil Nadu
627 002 India