Sheens Bakers @ Palayamkottai,Tirunelveli

Sheens Bakers used to be my favourite Bakery in Tirunelveli but I cannot find it during my previous trip. Therefore, this round, I ask people nearby for the exact location. Thank god!! I was lucky enough to find it in this trip. Sheens Bakers is located at Tirunchendur Road, Palayamkottai. They sell Cakes, Snacks, Breads, Coffee and Sweets. The ambiance of the shop was okay, but I always prefer to take away and enjoy it at the comfort of my own house. A couple of people were enjoying their snacks when we went at 5pm to take away. They only have 2 tables for the customers to dine-in. It’s used to be in a bigger space shop before they move-in to the current location. I take away 5-piece Cream Cake, Egg Puff and ½ Kg Birthday Cake.

All the cakes are freshly baked everyday and it is best to consume within 3-4 days if refrigerated. 
Birthday Cake @ INR 200/RM 13.10
Cream Cake (White Chocolate & Butterscotch) is moist, rich and sweet. This cake is to die for. 
Cream Cake @ INR 13/RM 0.85 per piece.
Egg Puff was super duper yummy. Egg Puff was crispy and fluffy on the outside while the filling was flavourful with spices. It tastes similar to how it used to taste last time. Delicious!! 
Egg Puff @ INR 13/RM 0.85 per piece

Sheens Bakers
Sweets and Milk products
B.O: 255, Tiruchendur Road, Palayamkottai
H:O: 145, Trivandrum Road
Phone: 0462- 654 1011