Eravdi Snacks (Tamil Nadu)

India is rich for its own different cuisine where most of the districts and states having their own specialty dish like Thirunelveli- Halwa, Kumbakkonam- Degree Filter Coffee, Ambur- Briyani, Karaikudi- Chettinadu, Kerala- Putu & Kerala Fish Curry, Dindigul- Thalapakkatti Briyani and Eruvadi- Samosa(A teatime snacks in India which is popular among everyone for its crispy and crunchy texture). Therefore, my friend brought 12 pieces samosa for me and my family to try. Yeah!! I know that’s a lot but we just love India Samosa. My friend told me that even people from other districts and state drop by to take away Samosa for their family. 

Samosa was crispy and crunchy on the outside while the fillings was spiced with spicy vegetables. I just loved it and I cannot find words to describe how delicious it was. I ate 3 pieces of it while my sister ate 4 pieces of it as a dinner rather than having it as a Teatime snacks. Thanks for the super delicious Samosa my dear. P/S: I only manage to take a photo of 5 leftover pieces!!