Starbucks Reserve @ The Gardens

Hunting for a good Starbucks Tumbler became my weekly routine where I drop by every Starbucks Store looking for a Tumbler that ticks all my boxes. At last, I found my Starbucks Tumbler from Starbucks Reserve. A limited edition Starbucks Tumbler that you can only get in Starbucks Reserve Malaysia. It's looks so cool to me!! Starbucks Reserve is located at The Garden. For me, Starbucks Reserve is totally opposite to Starbucks Malaysia. I mean in terms of pastry and beverage choices. Therefore, I decided to try their pastry and beverage. I ordered Bake Egg Danish and an Iced Coffee Fizzio. It was filled to capacity when we arrived at 3pm and remains full during our entire stay. I guess, people just love their classy and charming environment. 

Starbucks Thermos @ RM 148
Iced Coffee Fizzio taste so good to me. Iced Coffee with little bubble on it is a match made in heaven for me. So GOOOOD!! It's my favorite drink in Starbucks Reserve now.  
Bake Egg Danish is flaky and oh-so cheesy. I loved it. 
Bake Egg Danish @ RM 7.80
This Moist and rich cake is to die for. Hahahaha!!
My Sister bought this from Starbucks Malaysia. Their cake was SUPERB!! It satisfy all those with a sweet tooth.
I love Starbucks Pastry and their Beverages too. My favorite would be their Green Tea Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Cocktail Sausage,  Lemongrass Chicken, Spicy Chicken Pocket, Chic O Cheese and Chicken & Cranberry Sandwich. How about you guys? What is your favorite Starbucks Pastry & Beverage? 

Starbucks Reserve 
The Garden