Best Food In SS2 Night Market

Night Market is one of my favourite spots. I love to walk around the bustling night market while enjoying their snacks and drinks on my hand. So far, my favorite Night Market in  Petaling Jaya is SS2 NIGHT MARKET (Available Every Monday). I have been regular here for the past 4 years, so my friends always message to inquire about the best food choices in the SS2 Night Market (Pasar Malam). Therefore, I decided to write down a post about top 5 must try popular snacks in the SS2 Night Market.
Tong Sui

If you wanted to try this lip-smacking Tong Sui, do drop by before 5.30pm as it will be SOLD OUT after that or sometimes even before it if the sales are good. Even I didn’t manage to get myself one couple of times. It's located across the road in front of the Balai Polis SS2 (Easy to spot in the crowd) 

Estimated Waiting Time: 10-15 minutes
Price: RM 2
Black Tofu 

Soft and spongy Black Taufu served in a piping hot sourish broth and garnished with Blended Garlic, Chili Sauce and Spring Onion for a crunchy bite. I love it when the broth burst in my mouth when I bite the spongy & soft Black tofu. Yummy!! It's located infront of the Pet shop in SS2. Actually, Thai food, Black tofu, Leek Pie and Ultraman Salted Chicken are located near each other. Thus, if you can spot 1 stall, then it's easier to find the remaining 3.

Estimated Waiting Time: 5- 10 minutes 
Price: RM 6  
 Leek Pie & Pork Pie

One of the newest additions to the SS2 Night Market but it did manage to please the crowd. Pan- fried dumpling like texture filled with leek. It's yummy in every bite. 

Estimated Waiting Time:  1-5 Minutes
Price: RM 2.50- RM 3.50
My Choice: Leek Pie
Thai food

Me and my sister’s favorite Thai Food stall in Pasar Malam. Not only, you can taste their food but you can also buy their Maggie, sausage and other condiments at reasonable price and cook it back at home. Happy shopping!! 

Estimated Waiting Time:  10-15 minutes 
Price: RM 5-10
My Choice: Mango sticky rice and Pad Thai
Salted Chicken

Salted Egg Yolk goes perfectly with everything from desert to snacks. Don't believe me!! Try the Ultraman Salted Egg Chicken or Squid in SS2 Night Market. It's damn good. Look for the an Ultraman Mascot displayed infront of the stall, you won't go wrong! 

Estimated Waiting Time: 10-15 minutes during peak hours (I mean after the office hours whereby everyone will be queuing to get 1 for them-self) 
My Choice: Salted Egg Squid 
Price: RM 6-12
If you are thirsty, get coconut water or sugar cane water to satisfy your thirst. That's all, guys. Happy food hunting at SS2 Night Market (Pasar Malam)