Heritage Village @ Paradigm Mall

Having a meal in the Shopping Mall is always a big problem especially during the peak hours where every restaurant will be packed to the brim. So after few disappointed in a couple of restaurants, I decided to have my lunch at  Heritage Village, located at LG, Paradigm Mall (Next to Carings). After waited for about 5 minutes at the entrance, the staff finally saw me at the entrance. It was full house when I arrived at 2.30pm and only 2 tables left for me to choose. I choose to sit outside so that I can enjoy meal without much disturbance. Once seated, the staff gave me the menu and I wrote down my order on a piece of paper. I waited for about another 5 minutes for them to get the order paper from me. I ordered Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang. Thank god!! The food was served pretty quick. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay to dine-in. 
Initially, I wanted to try Chicken Rendang but it was SOLD OUT so I have no choice but to order Beef Rendang. I never tried any Beef Rendang before and they just nailed it. Beef Rendang was tender, juicy and irresistible delicious. Everything in the plate was good and I have no complaints about it. 
Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang @ RM 11.90

 Service Charge: 10%
GST: 6%

Heritage Village Paradigm Mall
LG-03,  Paradigm Mall
47301 Kelana Jaya