Hotel Elango @ Tirunelveli

During my recent trip to Tirunelveli, I manage to get a new friend who is also a Parotta lover. He brought us to try foods in Hotel Elango located at Tirunelveli Town. Hotel Elango is famous for veggie and non-veg foods in Tirunelveli. We didn’t manage to get car parking infront of the Hotel therefore my friend parked the car somewhere in the housing area and walk over to the Hotel to take away. It takes almost 20 minutes to get our food as the place was fully packed with people taking away according to my friend. He brought 1 Kottu Parotta and Chicken 65.

Parotta was minced beautifully on a hot plate and it tastes irresistibly delicious. My friend told me that Kottu Parotta that cincang on the hot plate will be more delicious than the Kottu Parotta cooked in a wok. However, unfortunately not many Hotel are still practicing the traditional method.
Chicken 65 was yummy. Tender and juicy cubes of chicken cooked beautifully.